House of Roma T-women Collection PVC  and Lycra Underwear

1 Unique Size UK from size 8 to 12 and a little stretch 14.

Just email me with Shipping details please I will post ASAP

Availability in PVC BLACK RED PINK 

Availability in Lycra Nude and White

Hi my name is Alekssandra and I am transexual living in London for long time, I always thought about to delivery what Trans women really need it and I am so proud to Introduce you my new Tgilrs collection made to all the T-Girls transexuals and crossdressers.

Alekssandra's new Trans Women collection, created for Crossdressing and Trans Girls giving much more comfortability and boosting confidence even when wearing a tight trousers or dress, is perfect for that extra feeling because is much wider holding everything in place 

The new House of Roma T-woman collection is exactly what everybody is looking for and now is available in London to anywhere in Europe

Made specially for Tgirls transwomen Transexuals Transvestites and Crossdressers

Pvc black , Pvc Pink, Pvc Red,

Please Paypal only and at the moment EU shipping, please contact me first before shipping worldwide