This girl let the guy think he picks up a chick in the bar and takes her to a private room, the only thing he doesn’t know is the chick has prepared for him!

When I stepped down to the hotel’s bar I did even notice that guy. I sat my big round Brazilian ass showing off my tanned bikini line, as all you know we do have a great fuckble gorgeous ass. So down on the sofa in the corner and ordered some nice and sweet tasteful double meaning drink. A waitress girl wearing this very revealing bra showing off her minimum 34 double E, my god I have double D breasts but she has bigger tits then mine, straight away came some naughty thoughts in my mind.

I needn’t to pay for my drink as it was checked by a guy sitting near by and I think he was fancying me. I looked at him: it was young fresh meat like latin hot exotic look, who looked very horny a bit sluttish.

He was gorgeous. Roberto was his name,, was wearing black leather trousers and white t-shirt.

I was sitting cross legged, and my skirt rose revealing my adorable hips. No doubts, i was the most attractive Brunet girl he had ever seen.

Roberto smiled and directed towards my table. This wasnt surprise I was so gorgeous smelling a very sexy perfume, my mini skirt was so reveling which I could notice few men could see my see-through nikers . So, I realized I couldn’t be so stupid to miss such a nice opportunity. When he was walking towards me , he stopped by my side, and asked if I didn’t mind him sitting next to me. I said: “It’s a free country, you may have a seat!” then he said he was holding a position of this hotel’s administrator and that I felt so excited and slantingly came to my mind bending him over and fucking his nice asshole, I could guarantee he was thinking I was a ordinary girl, but hes complitelly wrong, I am more than a normal girl, I am a girl with something extra, actually a extra big big hard and greedy cock, I love to be active, I love to be feminine, girlly but is just outside, just outdorrs, when comes to sex, I am the man. I am the power, I am the dominatrix, I love submissive guys, specially older, older men they do understand my needs and they really knows how to suck my cock deep, of course I like young boys too, because they need to be trained and I am the perfect teacher.

So, Roberto was around lates 20’s or early 30.s, and I will do anything to make him follow my orders and say yes to my desires.

After that he looked in my eyes and said he had a free room upstairs and he hoped I could come with him to have some nice time. I pretended say no and he insisted, finally I said yes and led me to the lift taking by hand. I sensed his body’s smell, it was intoxicating my senses, my balls began to tighten up, reminding of that well known feeling of closing orgasm. When the lift’s door opened, we started hugging and kissing each other passionately, long French sizzling kisses, I pressed my crotch to his snatch and began rubbing my cock through my pants against his cock,. If only the door hadn’t opened with a young waitress coming in, I think, we would have sex right there in the lift. I could see his face as transformed because he wasn’t sure but he knew something different about me, I did sense he was just about to give up, but I unlocked the room and pushy him inside,soon locked and i pushed him right onto the bed. Again, we started kissing and making out, with his right hand was squeezing and caressing my big boob while the left had was put on my round soft ass! Then I rose up just a bit to let my blouse get off and removed it to the floor.

Finally he had a full access to mybreast! That was something because my nipples are so sensitive and I can have a few orgasms just been playing with then,

When he began caressing my tits, i just shuddered, started and then my hand made its way down his pants, unzipped the fly and let his cock set free in the air! Feeling up his fat throbbing almost ready cock, i asked me to get down on his back, when he obeyed, i lowered myself over his stomach and pulled his pants and underwear down, my sexy ass facing him and wrapped his lips around my pink bottom, causing me to moan with delight! While he rimmmmed, something warm, soft and sticky running over his lips to his chin.he opened his eyes and just flinched as if stung by a bee, when he saw a big flabby half erect cock right in front of his eyes!!

At first, he was so stunned and perplexed that didn’t know what to say or how to react! I am sure he had heard stories about trannies and she males, but couldn’t ever consider himself with such a hot sexy “girl”

He had never thought he would once meet such a hot sexy beautiful and gorgeous woman and she would turn to be a Tranny! But i was giving him such a deal of pleasure, sucking his cock, that he just did give up and I started to feel that night would be a very naughty night . he raised himself on his elbows and for the first time in his life he cold touch a male’s cock! And that’s was my 8.5 big and thick cock head free and slightly touched it with his lips, feeling the salty taste of its pre cum on his tongue. I felt myself getting aroused and wrapped my lcock around this wonderful soft lips

So here we were, sucking each other in 69, slightly moving our hips. I could feel his stomach pressing my tits. Roberto sucked my cock so good, it was obvious that’s he was more experienced in blow jobs than me

“I want to fuck you in the ass” I purred like a very dominant woman, giving him no choice to say no, because his was already in his knees like a dirty dog waiting for breed.

For the first time he was trying to run, saying wasn’t that was hi had in mind, but I was much cleaver them him, and I said if you don’t do what I want it I will gonna scream and every single stuff from here gonna find out the truth about me, who I am and what are we doing here, my behave just change from soft to very dominating transsexual who knows what I want it

He that time was almost crying down on the floor but he had no choice, I start to laugh and took from my brand new handbag a bottle of water base lub, and I start to rub his hole,

up and down, up and down.

The same time he was so afraid to try it, I could feel his cock in own hand, was hard and stiff like pece of wood, Jesus he was enjoying as much as I did.

After rub his asshole few times, I put some lub in barecock too, and I start to push my bare cock against his hole, his hole was so tight he was shaking feeling my bare cock getting in inche by inche in his hole, I did check few times his cock and still hard, oh my god, hes was about to explode in my hands but I gave him order to not cum at all.

So I kept pushing and by that time my bare cock was almost all inside him, and I start to go in oand out, in and out, ohhhhhh

That’s amazing virgin hole almost made me cum, I was so horny with that bitch boy, Roberto sighed in satisfaction when my 8”5 stretched his anal ring and finally shoved in.

I was pushing my cock up to my balls, and fucked with hard violent thrusts, my balls slapped against her ass with force! Smacking and slapping noises resounded all over the room. Then I moved my hand down to where his tiny cock was and began stroking it hard with my red nail using my soft hand. he started moaning like a dirty whore he was! His cock was all wet from the juices running down. he turned his head and our lips locked in one hot kiss, soon I could feel that small penis twitching in my hand and suddenly a hot torrent of cum splashed all over my palm! That cum was hot and sticky! I never stopped rubbing and stroking his cock! With that, I moaned, feeling my own orgasm coming. I stopped and pulled out, he directed his face to my cock and I shot a huge load all over his face! he was rubbing it all over his cheeks, lips and chin.

I let him down on the floor in a huge pain in his ass, I just stand up got back my out fit and headed to the bar of the Hotel again, waiting for the next victim, because I choose my sexual partners and you can be the next.