That is a bit of my Life in london

I have done so many good things and Ive met so many beautiful Souls during my life

Here ia my latest Interview for Transliving Magazine March 2019.

Alekssandra Interview Transliving Magazine INTERVIEW WITH DAVE CURTOIS

1....you are hosting your fabulous club night Roma, how is it going?
2.. when did you decide to create your club event? and why?
Alekssandra…. That’s a very good question and funny as the same time, well way back in 2011 I with a friend had an idea to open a business together and because I used to be a professional makeup artist and used to work with so many professional photografers we thought could be a good idea to have a Professional Transgender Studio Photography, back them used to cal OFFSCENE PHOTOGRAPHY and after 1 year working with the studio I realised we wouldn’t go that far because nowdays with the smartphones nobody really needed a professional pictures taken,
Well follwing that thought I kept myself thinking what can I be doing to make money and literally was a way to help the Studio to survive and pay the monthly bills, that’s was the main reason why ROMA WAS CREATED.
Even before that I was watching a documentary about the Ancient ROME and The name was already choosen before the party came along. I thought if I had a party ROMA will be call because is a place where like the ancients No Judment and only fun.
After 1 year working with the studio prescisely January 2012 ROMA TRANS PARTY was born which believe or not but wasn’t easy thousands of emails messages and lots of talking in and out of clubs ROMA first night had 3 guests, Honestly after such a hard work I really thought about to stop and try something else, But something deep inside me was telling me to keep going and not to give up.
3..what was the reaction like from the community when you first started the night?
As any business is not easy and I am so proud to have friends who do and did believe in a dream in a Idea where without a doubt didn’t question me and was giving me so much support But I do think the community as any other community took while to understand the concept of the party which is a bit different from a normal convencional club or party
After few months I think the best introduction and promote the party was and still been WORD OF MOUTH , so many people come to party because heard good things about it, people come from a long way like overseas and far inland .
4...is there a mix of people who come to the nights.?
Well the party was created for Trans-women and admirers mainly, of course few couples and single women are very welcome but the party is created for us t-girls and single/couple admirers (men and women).
Everyone have so much fun and the Venue I couldn’t find anywhere better, The staffs are amazing so open minded and My guests feel welcome straight away.
5...do you have performers at the club?
Yes we do have a variety of professional performers at the Party, a mix of background is the key, brazilians/ uk/ asians…. Everybody showing their culture, makes a big night
The shows are at 1:30am when almost everyone is already drinking talking and having fun.
6...what can we expect when we come to the event?
The most important expectation is the night itself, people comes for the energy for the people and the joy of a good Friday night, we also have a Brazilian D.J. who I particularly love his style of music, peope dance all night long.
In my opinion Music means a lot of the personality of the night Club, we all associate music with the club, sometimes we think about the club and the music style comes straight to your head, Our music is a bit different from the other clubs as we Play TRIBAL REMIX MUSIC with lots of beats and you cant resist to shake your body
7...your club is going from strenth to strength , do you have any future plans foryour nights?
Oh yes, Our head is constantly in moviment like our planet and I am just starting a sexy PVC LYCRA Underwear for trans-women, sometimes is hard to find us a nice sexy pair of Knickers and why not to use ROMA plataform to get to the Girls? I am proud to be part of the scene and glad the girls from the scene respect me and give me oppurtunities to explore the Ideas I have , The new brand of Knickers call HOUSE OF ROMA, is an extension from Roma Party.. My life is all connected the party and me are just a big part of my own self.
I hope in the future not very far I could back to work with photography but at the moment The Party takes a lot of my personal and business life, lets keep the Party and the Magic Pants Projects at the moment.

8... do you think that the club scene is changing in London.
Constantly life in and out of any scene is changing, I think we are part of this big world where we evolve together, and don’t get me wrong but changes are a good thing. We all have our Idols and things were different but the new generation have new younger Idols and the path is different, different and necessary.
9...So we all know you as a club promoter but you are also a model and i know that you have also been a photographer in the past can you tell us a little about that?
OMG believe or not I had no Idea you were ask me about my photography carreer and I already talked about that,
Just finishing our photography talking yes I love all the artistic side and makeup, Hair style and Scenarium gives me so much pleasure and allowed me to play what ever role I want to, I also dome lots of Modeling jobs myself and I can tell you is something I still love doing.
10...What other plans do you have in your busy life this year ?
Well when you think the world is enough you always get trapped in something else, I never know in which mood I will wake up tomorrow, but I can guarantee my head spin a 1.000 miles per hour
For this year I am planning to dedicate myself 150% at ROMA TRANS CLUB or just ROMA PARTY and the new project is the new collection HOUSE OF ROMA which are available at the ROMA PARTY WEBSITE and soon all over the social media, I still have to decie it the final details and waiting for some very important feedback from Tgirls from the scene, I try my best to understand what people are thinking about and of course give me the right direction to go, because in the end of the day my life never been about MONEY but always about to be true to myself, money is really welcome but my own satisfaction of been doing something good is way much better then tah, is priceless.
11 ..i know you have just come back from brazil visiting your family, how often do you get to see them.?
I only can talk for myself
Family is a foundation of who you are, past presence and Future, I know so many Tgilrs was so unlucky because of their family didn’t have the right information in how to support and how to understand them, is really sad because people only realised what we go throw when is too late.
But I am sure that’s a second interview or mayba a book lol.
I am very attached to my family and for been adopted I have no words to describe the Mutual love we feel for each other.
12 what does Alekssandra do when she isnt working, how do you relax.
You just made me laugh
Alekssandra she never never relaxing, sometimes walking down the street an Idea is born and the brain start to work, I am workaholic and I confess I am a happy workaholic full time job.
How can you expect a different life from somebody who born under the star sign ARIES? Is just about fight, new projects, Challenges and pushing the bounderies, that’s who I am.
13 would you like to say anything to your fans and people who come to your nights
I am sure I could fit all the pages telling people but they already know how I feel, how happy and blessed I feel to have all their trust in somebody the way they do, during the years of ROMA PARTY I made so many friends and met such a mix background of race ,religion , life style, status, and a whole spectrum of diversity, and I keep repeating Thank you so Much for a great Jopurney I had throw these years and hope our Adventure doesn’t finish, I hope we carry on doing Parties, photography, Underwear Collections and so many other things because the must important thing is to be true to yourself, do what makes you feel happy and pleasure doesn’t listen what people say as long as you believe it, is way a good start.